Blog 3: Love is the key

Hello there. I hope you are doing okay. I’m writing to share something that happened last week. I don’t want to overthink it but it has made me very hopeful and happy. I’d like to share it with you.

I’d like to preface this post by saying what I do for a living. I am a medical doctor. I recently graduated form a medical school in the Caribbean. Part of the medical curriculum is to do one year of social service by providing care to the underserve rural population. After that year, I will be fully license by the state and will be able to further my career in the field that I’m mostly interested in. If you are wondering, that field is Anesthesiology. In the meantime, I interact with a wide range of patients that come in with all sorts of non complicated illnesses. My daily routine consists of providing primary care to a general population with limited income.

Something really weird happened two days ago. For some reason, I had to work in the Emergency Department (ED). I’ve been working at this hospital for less than one month and let me tell you, nothing feels more daunting than working at the ED without any supervision! It is very scary to know that people’s lives are in your hands. If something goes wrong, it will be my responsibility. I kept on saying to myself: “don’t mess up! You’ve been trained for this! You got this!” But honestly, I would rather be with my mom peeling potatoes or something. At least if something goes wrong, I can always grab another potato. But people’s lives are much more precious and that alone generates tones of anxiety. Long story short, I was ready to pee myself!

To my surprise, when I walked in, there were no patients but a little girl, about 14 years of age. She was stable and was ready to go home. She kept on looking at me and had that timid look on her face. I decided to seat next to her then started a casual conversation since there was not much to do. During the entire conversation we both kept smiling as if we’ve known each other for years. At the end of the convo she pulled me aside and asked me for money since she’s not sure her mother will be able to afford food for the day. Especially after paying the hospital bills.

I usually don’t do this, but I reached out for my wallet and handed her some cash so she could buy some food. She smiled and left afterwards. I felt really good about myself. It was 11:11 AM when I checked the clock…

Like I’ve said before, I’ve been working in this place for less than a month. I didn’t know all the staff members. As my shift was ending, and as I was about to leave the hospital, I heard that same voice. It was telling me to stay in the hallway a little. So I did.

To my surprise I bumped in a smiling doctor. I said sorry and introduced myself. I thought she was a primary care doctor like me. She smiled and introduced herself as the head anesthesiologist of the hospital. I was so chocked that I rushed to give her a kiss on the cheek. After doing so I was surprised at my reaction that I started blushing and shaking. I then told her that I was very interested in pursuing a career in the field of anesthesiology. She then said that we should have a talk and we scheduled a meeting. The time was 1:11PM…

I know it doesn’t seem like nothing, but I strongly think that the universe gives us plenty of opportunities to come into alignment with our authentic selves which is a state of Love. Being in alignment with our authentic selves raises our vibration and helps the universe manifest our goals even faster. I think if I didn’t help that little girl, I probably would not have heard that voice that has guided me to the head anesthesiologist.

I think we should all practice compassion and charity. Give and the universe will give back to you. Be grateful and you will be provided more things to be grateful for. We should strive to keep a pure and loving heart. Because love is the key. It is the most efficient way to accomplish anything in this world. PCL